Strawberry Smoothie

What is the best thing after a nice run? Smoothie!

After each run, I crave juicy, fresh and healthy stuff, and nice smoothie combines them all. Today I made a strawberry one and here is how I did it.

You will need following:

– Fruit (Strawberries) – It is best to have fresh, but I have used frozen
– Banana

– Shredded coconut

– Oats

– Mint (Save some mint for topping)

– Milk (Although I am not much of a milk person, I like the taste of almond milk)


… and of course blender. More powerful you have the better. I am absolutely happy with mine, it makes the smoothie smooth.

Blender Braun for Smoothie

I don’t measure ingredients precisely.

Smoothie before blending

Just put everything together and start blending. If you are using frozen fruit, just wait until it melts a little.


And after this yummy smoothie a delicious lunch from my gf awaits!