Getting started with the new website

Hello World!

My website is alive for a long time. First it was located at . This was changed when I finally ordered and bought my own domain at That happened in February 2012.

As I am moving again to a different style with my website, I have found time to recap my previous efforts. At first, I was writing my own code to make the website alive, and honestly, that looked horrible 🙂 Unfortunaly I do not have that design saved. I only have banner which served as index.html which transfered visitor to the website:

Later on, I have tried to download some templates of html webpages and edited them to my wishes. The best one looked like this:

It did not look awful, but it was having its limits. The next step was when I discovered software called Adobe Muse. First, design had to be created in Photoshop or similar. Then, easily user just transfered layers from Photoshop to Muse and it wrote the code instead of user. This gave the opportunity to have very nice layouts and designs. Please see on screenshot below, how it looked:
Image above is how the website looked before this last change.
Now I finally went to WordPress, I have found nice layout with functionality almost without bugs and I hope that it will attract more and more visitors than before.